Which ecological baby products to put in the kit of toilet of the toddler? This is the question that future and young mothers ask themselves. For this reason, it is important to think about the products and baby care to use, including hygiene and skin care products for baby. Indeed, you must always think about taking special baby products and natural products for baby's change, face care, first aid, to give the bath... Finally, to take care of baby you must change almost all your habits.


First of all, babies have sensitive skin, and some have dry skin. For this reason, you must take into account the fragility of your child's skin. Besides, you can guarantee your baby's cleanliness thanks to Koosh or washable ecological diapers. In addition, babies' skin does not have the same constitution as adults'. You cannot treat it in the same way. Also, babies' skin is much more oily than adults'. Also, you should not irritate your baby's sensitive skin by using too much hygiene. Indeed, the delicate skin of babies is thinner and more permeable. Therefore, it will absorb more easily the cosmetic products applied on it. Finally, it is important to choose the right products for your baby's toiletry kit: hypoallergenic cleansing cream, products without endocrine disruptors, without perfume, without sulfate, without paraben...


On the face of it, many conventional brands claim to be high in natural ingredients. However, they contain undesirable and aggressive ingredients. Therefore, you should choose natural baby products: diaper cream, cleansing gel, micellar water, moisturizer, cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers, baby bath and care products for newborns... In addition, it should be noted that buying baby products in a pharmacy or parapharmacy does not guarantee the absence of these undesirable ingredients. Indeed, buying organic cosmetics is the only guarantee of a composition that respects baby's skin. Unlike conventional brands, ecological and organic brands base their formulas on gentle ingredients, such as calendula, sweet almond oil or shea butter for example.


First of all, you should always have basic baby products on hand. Thus, your baby care kit can consist of 4 basic products.
  • Liniment: a mixture of lime water and a vegetable oil, to be used to clean the area of the seat to remove dirt and impurities, while having a protective role thanks to a hydrolipidic film allowing to prevent irritations of the diaper rash type
  • Cleansing wipes to clean baby's bottom or to wash his face complete the washcloth
  • A soothing cream: generally formulated from oils, butters or vegetable gels, this moisturizing cream helps prevent and repair irritation and redness
A gentle cleansing product, cleansing lotion or gentle soap is used for baby's bath like body lotion. In addition, it is suitable for the body and hair.