When parents work, they have to focus on their work. And this, whether they are telecommuting or working locally. To relieve themselves of the burden of childcare, some call on grandparents, send them to a daycare center or resort to baby-sitting. In fact, for several years now, this system has been in great demand.


Nowadays, more and more parents are turning to outside help to take care of their children. This can be a childcare agency, a nanny or a baby sitter. In sum, this type of service encompasses several responsibilities. In the absence of the parents, the baby sitter is a sort of substitute. In this perspective, the baby sitter accompanies the children in their motor skills. She is a committed person who helps the little ones in their development and discovery. She will help your little ones to develop their motor skills on a daily basis by using their 5 senses. But her role is not limited to that, she is also responsible for hygiene, especially for infants. For their safety, their learning and their health, she must be impeccable and applied. Apart from these usual missions, a baby sitter also picks up older children from school. In some cases, she is responsible for taking the child to extracurricular activities. Once at home, she may be asked to help with homework and to entertain the child with educational and creative games.


Contrary to popular belief, a baby sitter can be a woman or a man. The most important thing is that he/she has the necessary skills to be able to practice. Generally, babysitting is considered a separate activity. So when selecting a babysitter, look at these qualifications. Does she have a certificate of practice? Has she completed any training? It should be noted that an individual applying for this position most often has a CAP or BEP in early childhood or, if applicable, in health and social careers. Some have a CQP, i.e. a certificate of professional qualification in childcare. Others, on the other hand, have taken Prevention and Civic Aid studies in order to learn how to manage emergency situations and accidents. Patience is one of the most important qualities required in this type of job. A babysitter must be patient, polite and respectful. In front of her clients, she must be discreet and tolerant. She is, in a way, a teacher and able to adapt to all circumstances. Thanks to the training and experiences she has had, she must master the basics of what is called "child psychology" and the different techniques of awakening. In short, she is a trustworthy person.


There are many ways to contact a baby sitter. Starting with word of mouth. You should ask, for example, if one of your neighbors or a family member can recommend a trustworthy one. If this fails, it is best to turn to the phone book, it is possible to find one nearby. Hiring someone not far from your neighborhood is less expensive. It saves travel and other expenses. If these methods don't work, turn to the Internet. You will certainly find the right babysitter via dedicated platforms. However, you should know that the rate is usually different depending on the providers and the schedule. Here, the hour of work has a great importance. You should know that if you hire a babysitter at night or on holidays, the rate is quite high. Also, to avoid ruining yourself, don't forget to declare your childcare. If possible, you should align the salary with the minimum gross rate of the SMIG. In addition, it should be noted that a beginner is more accessible than an experienced one.