Are you tired of your child losing his things at school? Iron-on labels are the ideal accessory to avoid exchanges or losses. They are also very easy to stick on.


There are several types of labels: self-adhesive labels and iron-on clothing labels. Both types of labels have their advantages. Labels help to prevent the exchange or loss of personal belongings. Whether they are self-adhesive or iron-on, they have the characteristic of being very resistant. You will not have to worry about their resistance, because they are washable. offers many choices of labels. You will find items adapted to your needs. The difference between a self-adhesive label and an iron-on label lies in the way they are stuck on. Self-adhesive labels stick like a sticker, no need for glue or external accessories to make them stick to an object or textile. Iron-on labels are stuck in a different way, with the help of a heat source. You will then need an iron to stick it on your garment or accessory.


Iron-on clothing labels are very easy to apply. First, you will have to put it on the place where you want to stick it. Once the label is on, get an iron and a protective paper. Place the backing paper and iron on the label. It is important not to move the iron and to turn off the steam mode. Then, wait 10 to 12 seconds while pressing the label. Once the iron and the protective paper are removed, your label will be stuck on your textile. However, you must be careful if you want to stick a label on a fragile garment. If your garment is made of polyester, wool or fleece, you will have to lower the temperature of the iron. To avoid damaging your garment, you will have to proceed in several steps. First of all, put the iron on the label. After about 6 seconds, you can remove it, wait a few seconds and repeat the operation. You will not have to worry about the resistance of the label. It is machine washable.


It can be very interesting to personalize your textiles with clothing labels. First of all, these labels exist in many models. You can add a design, but also choose the color, font and text used. For example, you can write your child's name, but also his address. The labels can also be used to notify an allergy or specific information related to your child. It is also possible to personalize the labels according to your child's age or color preferences. In short, iron-on labels have many benefits for you and your child.