Summer is coming to an end and that stressful feeling you've always known is back. We all know that back-to-school time is a source of stress for children and parents alike. Shopping, paperwork, habits and food: how do you manage everything at once and switch from one rhythm to another? Here are some tips to make every back-to-school experience a successful and stress-free one!


When it comes to back-to-school, the first ones concerned by the stress and the upheaval are the children. After long months of vacation and rest, they are forced to change their habits and follow new rules of life. And if, to remedy this, it was all about "good habits". In other words, it's all about balancing the small details of daily life that are actually very important. Here are some habits you can establish for your child, both for the school year and for the vacations: - put them to bed early so they wake up early: there is no better way to enjoy the day whether it is during school or vacations and the great thing is that nothing changes - set fixed times for everything they do: meals, games, snacks, naps, studies, baths, etc. - Encourage them and cultivate their desire to go to class by talking to them about things: meeting up with their friends, discovering new school subjects and new horizons, etc.


One thing is certain: parents are just as concerned as children about back-to-school stress. But for you, dear parents, the techniques to soften this return to school are simple: - Make purchases well before leaving on vacation, i.e. two months before the start of the school year: supplies, clothes, shoes, etc. - Prepare the administrative papers and gather the necessary items before packing your bags for the vacations; this will avoid you having to queue up at the last minute - Establish a family rhythm so that everyone has a reference point at home: set times for each meal, go to bed at fixed times, etc.


Need more tips on how to manage the back-to-school season? Nothing could be simpler: - Get enough sleep to be in a good mood when it's time to take care of your toddler and other tasks you need to do. - Organize your daily routine and assign a time to each responsibility that awaits you - Enjoy every minute of your vacation.