There are different ways to look after your child during your absence. Among the existing solutions, you have the choice between a licensed childminder, a nanny at home, shared custody, a crèche or an au pair. Another solution that consists of having your child looked after is baby sitting. It consists in having your child looked after occasionally during a specific event. Where can you find a babysitter for your child during your outings?


As with a live-in nanny, a babysitter takes care of your children at home during your absences. The babysitter also takes care of all the tasks related to this care. This service provider will watch and protect your children while you are away. Your children will then remain in safe hands, which is advantageous in your absence. To be a babysitter, it is not necessary to have a diploma or to follow specialized training. A person who is used to looking after his or her little brothers, sisters or other children in the neighborhood, for example, will be well qualified for this job. Generally, students such as high school students babysit to earn some pocket money. Having recourse to babysitting is a solution when you are faced with an unforeseen situation but also to avoid leaving your children in after-school care. When the hours are not convenient for the nannies at home, you can also call upon a babysitter who will always adapt to any situation. Other parents also use babysitters to take or pick up their children from school, feed them during their absences or drive them to extracurricular activities. 


There are certain qualities that parents look for in a babysitter. To make the right choice of a babysitter, opt for a well-mannered person, kind and experienced with children.It is difficult to find a babysitter especially in emergency situations. It is difficult to find a babysitter especially in emergency situations. It can happen for example that the nanny is not available in time while you have an important appointment not to be missed. For this, various solutions exist to find the person who will take care of the babysitting. To find this person, you can consult the babysitting classified ads. You can also visit dedicated online platforms to facilitate your search. On these platforms, you can refine your search based on the area where you are located as well as the availability of the babysitter. If time is not on your side, you can also place an ad looking for someone to take care of your children on a periodic or temporary basis. Word of mouth is also a good way to find a babysitter: don't hesitate to ask your relatives who have already used a babysitter. 


The price of a babysitter will depend on many criteria. Among these, we can mention the number of children to be looked after, the age of the children and the hours of care. In addition, the parents must pay for the babysitter's transportation and meals. You can choose to pay the babysitter by the hour or on a flat rate basis. Calculating the cost of a babysitter is complicated but the best way is to find a win-win agreement. If the babysitter's hours vary, you can choose to pay a flat rate.