Most parents want their children to wake up on their own. But for this, for the young child, it is important to understand perfectly the notion of schedules. In this case, knowing how to read a watch is not enough. To get your child used to it, it is recommended that you provide him with the alarm clock that is intended for children. It is therefore necessary to know how to choose a child alarm clock. This article gives you tips on how to do this. You can choose the classic alarm clock with analog or digital display or the educational alarm clock.


For the analog display alarm clock, it indicates the time by these three hands: the second hand, the minute hand and the hour hand. The seconds hand is commonly called the second hand. Most children's clocks do not have a second hand. So, if your child is able to read the time well, understand the concept of time, you are advised to choose this type of display. It is also better to choose a classic analog alarm clock with luminescent numbers. In this case, when the digits are luminescent, your child does not need to illuminate the dial to look at the time. Moreover, for more safety, you are advised to opt for children's alarm clocks that include hands protected by the plastic glass. For maximum efficiency, it is best to look out for those with a loud alarm. The alarm clock child with analog display allows him to learn to read the time well. The proposed are many and they adapt to different tastes.


If your child is in the learning phase and is over three years old, it is better to choose the digital display. It offers beginners an opportunity to fully understand the concept of time. It also helps to learn how to read the time. You can find this product, in various and colorful forms, by going to stores of accessories intended for children or on online sales sites that are specialized. It is best to choose models that have a clear display. In order to awaken your child's mind, it is recommended that you opt for alarm clocks with a brightly colored digital display. For practicality, the alarm clock should have a light function. For this type of alarm clock, the ringtone is often customizable. In addition, if you use the digital alarm clock, there are no more noises from the second hand that can annoy your child.


The educational alarm clock is designed for children who do not understand the principles of reading the classic alarm clock. The other types of alarm clocks display the time using a dial with numbers. For the educational alarm clock, it has a display that is very classic. The dial of this type of alarm clock is divided into two parts that are quite distinct. Each of these parts highlights the image of a child awake or asleep. In this case, when your child gets up, by looking at this educational alarm clock, he can immediately know if it is suitable for the time of waking up or if your little one should still stay asleep. For this type of alarm clock child, the proposed are also numerous with a vast choice of colors. In addition, the images that are arranged inside the clock face are several. Some feature animals, others flowers, superheroes, etc. Thanks to a function that fully illuminates the screen, the educational alarm clock can also be used as a traditional night light.