Like adults, children need sensory activities, rest and relaxation areas. Are you planning to give your children this opportunity? Do you live in Normandy or have you been in the area and have no idea where your children can enjoy this experience that combines the useful with the pleasant? The sensory garden in Normandy answers these questions.


The idea of barefoot trails was created in the early 90s. The Sensory Garden in Normandy, a little paradise on earth, is a 600-meter long relaxation area located in the Vire Valley. On the 40 barefoot walking surfaces that allow the sensory course for children in Normandy, there is sand, gravel and all kinds of natural materials to discover many sensations for young and old barefoot. The course can last between 45 minutes to 1 h 15 min, each has its own rhythm. During the walk, visitors, especially children, can play hide-and-seek in the grass, walk barefoot while balancing on the beams, enjoy the view of the waterfalls and the varied vegetation. This surprising garden helps us discover the beauty of Normandy and its heritage thanks to the playful garden with its natural flowerbeds, grasses and multiple fragrant plants, a water lily pond, a plant tunnel and waterfalls. 


This sensory course for children stimulates their motor activity and sensory receptors. All their senses will be awakened. First of all, the existence of multicolored vegetation attracts the view by offering a perfect and soothing scenery at the same time. Unusual elements such as water lilies and frogs can be very surprising. Since we are talking about a barefoot trail, the sense of touch is also well stimulated. Thus, the little feet are tickled and relaxed at the same time when they walk on natural materials like gravel and bark, but they can also feel softness when they step on sand or stones. The sense of smell also kicks in because of the flowers and scented plants: mint, lavender, rose smells that children don't often smell in their daily lives. By closing their little eyes, children can listen to the rain sticks, the sound of waterfalls, the whistling of the wind; all this gives them a feeling of well-being while living this beautiful experience.


For the benefit of all visitors, especially the youngest, children should be under the responsibility of their guardians during this barefoot tour. Since feet are not covered, shoe lockers are available at the garden reception; visitors can leave their shoes or sandals in this secure area. After the tour, a water point is available for everyone to wash their feet. Don't forget your soap and towels. To respect the environment, the sensory garden in Normandy is a non-smoking area. During the visit, dogs and cats are strictly forbidden. Even though this relaxation area was designed not only for adults, but also for children, visitors should not bring strollers, because during the tour, there are paths where water flows over rocks; strollers can accidentally slip. It should be noted that the visit to the garden is not free, a fee according to the season should be paid at the cashier before entering.