School's out for the summer! If you're struggling to keep your kids active during summer vacation, consider adding a swing to your backyard for hours of outdoor fun. With so many models to choose from, a seemingly endless combination of bases, swings, slides, climbers and fun accessories, here are some tips for choosing the right swing for your kids.


If you grew up playing on an aluminum swing set, vinyl and wood are the most popular construction materials for swings on the market today. Both are quality materials that are durable and will last for years. When choosing the right swing for your children, start by choosing the right material. Vinyl swings use treated wood components that are inserted into thick vinyl posts. Other than an annual cleaning, a vinyl swing requires very little maintenance. With vinyl, you don't need staining, painting or annual sealing. Vinyl is slightly more expensive because it is a higher quality material. Other manufacturers usually make a pine wood swing model. Wood offers a natural aesthetic that can blend in perfectly with your garden. Wooden swings can also be stained or painted after purchase with the color of your choice, allowing them to match your home perfectly. Wooden swings require some maintenance to keep them from looking dull. So they will need to be cleaned and repainted or reached periodically.


Choosing the right swing for your children means adding activities and accessories that are appropriate for the age they are today, not the age they will be in several years. Modern swings are adaptable and can expand and change as your children grow. You can add new elements at any time, replacing those that have outgrown them. When customizing a new swing, follow the online instructions to create a stimulating play experience for children of all ages. For children under 2, you can choose from a children's gantry, two-seat and single-seat swings, tunnels with bubble panels, open slides, and ground-level playhouses. Ages 2-5; belt swings, tire swings, small climbing ramps, climbing nets, enclosed slides, tower level playhouses. Over 5 years; large climbing ramps; trapeze bars or rings; monkey bars; fire poles; buoy swings; disc swings; spring swings; water cannons.


The majority of playground injuries, nearly 70%, are due to falls or equipment failure. In addition to purchasing a swing or play set, you can create a safe play area with the materials you place underneath. By choosing the right materials as the foundation for your new swing set, you can minimize injuries from using the playground in your yard. Most people may think that grass provides a good cushion to break a fall, but rubber mulch is a much better material to choose for a soft floor. Rubber is more effective as a shock absorber and reduces the aftermath of a fall. A safer summer is a more fun summer.