The guide to early learning for babies 3

The guide to early learning for babies

Baby’s progress
in motor skills
At 9 months, the child begins to make progress in moving. During this period, the baby’s eyes develop. This means that the child is able to perceive its environment better. They also have a good sense of volume.
My child’s
If the infant must be fed primarily by suckling, the first meals should be gradually varied. When the baby reaches 4 months of age and until 12 months of age, parents must follow his growth and favour food diversification.
My child’s
The biological clock of the newborn is not sufficiently developed to differentiate between day and night. They usually sleep for periods of 2-4 hours. During the first week of life, the infant can sleep for up to 20 hours a day.
My child’s
Unlike adults, children are often victims of viruses. This is due to their still weak immunity. Thus, some children seem to catch colds, intestinal problems, coughs, conjunctivitis, runny noses, unexplained fevers, etc.

The best solution for leaving with peace of mind is to call on the services of an occasional babysitter. This tip is useful in case of unforeseen events, whether you want to go out with your partner or enjoy an evening with friends. Nanny solutions offer tailor-made home services. The services can be adapted and modulated according to the parents’ needs. It’s not always easy to find a babysitter to entrust your little ones to. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue with applications specially designed to simplify the care of your children. It’s a community where parents and babysitters can get in touch. You can trust the babysitters in question, they are subject to a sponsorship system. They must be recommended and parents leave comments.

  • Interviews with candidates
  • Patience, availability and responsiveness
  • Paternal or maternal fibre
  • Establish a liaison book
  • Consult and apply the collective agreement
  • CAF aid and tax credit
  • Emergency or replacement assignment
  • Helping with early learning activities
  • Absent nanny
  • Taking care of a sick child
  • Follow-up on homework
  • Accompany the child to an extracurricular activity

The mission of a home-based childminder is to look after a child in his or her parents’ home. They accompany the child through the various stages of his/her daily life.

The collective crèche is a structure adapted to children from 2 months to 4 years old. These establishments are administered by town halls and departments.

A company crèche is a private structure that takes care of the children of employees during their working hours.

When looking for a childminder, it is best to choose specialists approved by the departmental council.


A shy child does not feel comfortable in public. A child is shy when he/she does not intuitively play with others of his/her age.

A child should value friendship. A lonely child must be helped to make friends.

The fear of the dark appears in children between the ages of 2 and 5. Children with this phobia panic at night.

Baby games

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Given the alarming figures for bullying in schools, this phenomenon is considered a real scourge. In response to the upsurge, the Ministry of Education has conducted prevention campaigns to curb the problem.

Bullying takes place in an underhand way. It is important to be aware of this, as some children decide not to show it out of shame. However, it is important to curb this action of intentionally hurting students.

There are several categories of harassment: moral, physical, sexual or material. Suicide is one of the most serious consequences of daily violence. Parents have an important role to play in detecting signs of bullying early on.

Since 2003, the schooling of an autistic child has undergone an important evolution. Indeed, the integration of a disabled child in an ordinary school is a right. These conditions are explained in the law of February 2005 on the equalization of the rights of disabled people.

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